Just Unplanned

Just Unplanned

In our lives, It is hard to do what we want, Hard to think what we want to think and even hard to eat what we want to eat. Sadly, those are the huge struggles. We meet many friends many relations and people in our lives… Have you ever met a friend who has the same idea pattern as yours?

But one day in the near past, I had a call from someone that he came home after a long. The actuality we both are very like to travel the whole world. And we are working on it.

It was a lovely day to travel and we both packed our backpacks up. In the morning we started traveling from my bike then had a long ride. After two more hours, we got into Deniyaya. Deniyaya is in Matara district in the south of Sri Lanka. Is was pretty cool like Nuwara Eliya in that day. We were heading to “Morning Site” to see the mist and birds that nature gave us.

Unfortunately, we had to be late so then we changed heading to Gongala mountain. Someone who also loves to travel was joined to us intermediately. Had mouthwatering salty corns while traveling to Deniyaya and had watermelon in Deniyaya.

After all, We started the traveling again. Through the mountains and uneasy roads, We stopped at somewhere and all had a tea.
That tea makes we satisfied inside that bar for a while.

So the game was started, As strangers in a distant land we were each other’s support. We were the best of friends, partners in crime. We had two bikes and one of my friends and me started engines perfectly in a mood of joy.
After one and half more ride, We could get to the top of Gongala Mountain. The road was not for bikes. Because of that ride wasn’t cool.

Stopped the engines and looked the surroundings with cold wind and somewhat mist. As a hiking travelers, we always wanted to get the top of the mountain. We had to drop bikes. After a walk of two or more kilometers. We had to see a number of telephone towers and TV, Radio towers touching the clouds.

Wend through the mist. Went through the beauty of green. Touched the top of Gongala! It’s was one of happiest moments in my life. And I want to thank my God for letting me do this kind journeys.

One day, far from now, I’ll look back again and more lights will have faded. I’ll again wonder where they went. And, like a time traveler, I’ll zoom back to the moments we had, relive them in my mind, and imagine a happy future for my friends.

As a life gift, We listed down the all memories into a video. Cheers as un-biological and un-stoppable friends.

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